Meet Jacob

The visual storytelling Jacob creates speaks volumes about the way he views the world around him and the people in it. Preferring to pursue an eclectic mix of portraiture, street photography, abstract imagery, and anything else that may catch his well-tuned eye, one thing remains constant; Jacob seeks to bring the unique images and ideas in his mind into a stunning visual reality where they can be shared with the world. It is not unusual to find Jacob captivated by these images, sketching out ideas, themes, designs, and even melodies which help lead to the creation of photos he hopes will in some small way capture the depth of his vision.

Growing up in a mixture of the smallest towns and most bustling cities, along with the opportunity to travel the world from a young age, perhaps influenced his ability to see the world a little differently. Those around Jacob notice that he has a knack for seeing moments, angles, shadows, and light in a way that would go unnoticed by most. Those who have the pleasure of working with him get to bear witness to his distinct style of creativity which mixes capturing the existing allure of a situation while helping guide it toward an even more unexpectedly grand result in the images brought forth by a given shoot. Toiling away at his editing desk further concretes his vision as he painstakingly treats every adjustment as singular brush strokes in the greater work he is attempting to create.

When all is said and done and the images are finally in the hands of the world for their viewing pleasure, rather than delight in the feedback received for his work Jacob is already back in his studio innovating and refining what will be his next project on the long list of creations he is anxious to bring to life. Battling a mixture of reclusive wanderlust, Jacob often seeks out new experiences to keep his process novel with a touch of the unconventional. The simulation brought by visiting a new place, trying a new food or activity, all further motivates the next piece of work in unanticipated ways.

At the end of the day, it is not so much about conveying a particular message as it is about sharing a glimpse into the world he sees. With any luck, the beauty of the sharpness, the darkness, the complexity of shape and form that he is so enthralled by and brings forth in his work will be just as enrapturing for the audiences it finds.

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